Boring businesses : 5 tips to make your customers happy

Sometimes we find companies that think that a content marketing strategy does not fit in their sector, either because they do not know how to apply it or because they believe that marketing is reserved for innovative companies, marketing experts who set up their own business. or to geeks of social networks and Community Managers.

But the reality is very different…

If large multinationals spend millions of euros or dollars on their online strategy campaigns, it will be because they obtain profitability, whether it is increased turnover, brand image, positioning or access to new markets.

Do you think any of these goals fit your needs?

If so, perhaps it is also a good choice for you to dedicate resources to developing and implementing a good content marketing strategy, which allows you to achieve them.

Definition  of content marketing

Broadly speaking, content marketing is to provide your users and customers with relevant and interesting information that allows you to position your company, brand, product or service as a benchmark in a sector, so that when your customers need what you offer , your products or services appear in their mind.

This is achieved by providing valuable content in the form of blogs, social networks, videos and much more, so that companies give the opportunity to interact with the company. Said like this, it sounds simple, but the strategies to achieve it are very broad and varied.

To define and better understand what Content Marketing is and what it can contribute to your company, nothing better than some examples that help us illustrate what we are talking about. Throughout the post, we are going to see 5 keys to developing a good Content marketing strategy with examples .

To give you an idea, one of the companies that is using this type of content marketing campaign more and better is Coca Cola.

Content marketing example of Coca Cola

Coca Cola in its strategy, strives to promote healthy habits, sports, movement and that is why it has launched the movement is happiness campaign, with some very well focused videos and a website where it provides a lot of interesting content.

In addition, the website where they talk about how sports and healthy living help you to be happier and always under the brand’s logo. Logically, the campaign tries to go against what has been said that drinking Coca Cola is harmful, due to the amount of sugars that the drink has and the truth is that the effort they are making to change it, at least, is worthy of study.

How to turn boring businesses into Creative Businesses. The Pizza Hut Example

PizzaHut is a company positioned worldwide. If you were to ask any of the pizza delivery guys, who take customer orders, what the company’s business is… they would say something like this: “We make pizzas.”

So at first glance, it doesn’t seem like something very innovative, fun or creative. If someone tells you; “I make pizzas”, my first image is a kitchen, a cook throwing the dough up high and a delivery man with his motorcycle at the door waiting to make the home delivery…

However, the other day, I saw an advertising spot for the brand, which I really liked. Basically, it is an ad that tells about the dangers of using the ” selfie stick ” and hardly the brand or its pizzas appear. But of course the ad hooks, because it is made with a lot of humor.



Any innovation starts from the improvement of an existing product ( incremental innovation ) or from the solution to an unsolved problem or with a hitherto unknown technology ( disruptive innovation ). But what is common to any innovation is the solution to a problem or need of our customers. Therefore, the word HELP is engraved in the DNA of companies. When this help is valuable enough to the customer, it can be turned into a business, but not the other way around.

An important point when we talk about helping our clients is provided by the part of training and teaching. In this sense, content marketing can provide a plus to any company, because taking a blog as a tool, for example, can position a company as a benchmark in its sector, providing knowledge.

A concrete example is the Eroski supermarket chain . We could think that the sale of food does not give to write too many articles. But looking at its website we have a complete and varied selection of articles and guides, ranging from food itself, health, baby or pet issues. Undoubtedly, a wide repertoire that covers the curiosity and needs of its customers.

It is very possible that many of Eroski’s articles have been positioned in keywords that we could have accessed simply with their corporate website, such as a supermarket. But thanks to a blog where you can talk about such varied aspects, the possibilities of accessing new clients grow enormously.

Tip 2 TELL STORIES. Use the StoryTelling

Great advertisers that’s what they do… There is nothing as powerful as telling a story to capture attention. That is storytelling.

What do you think if I tell you that I have a company that makes soft drinks?

If you like soft drinks, you’re dying of thirst on the beach or you’ve just played a football game, maybe it will capture your attention, because of the product itself.

Storytelling also has the great advantage that stories last in the memory, so a good story can stay in your memory for a long, long time. Do you know a better strategy to get inside the heads of your customers and differentiate yourself from your competition?


Every sector, every industry has experts. People recognized in the world, whose opinion is worth more than the rest. Sometimes because of the achievements of their professional life, sometimes because they were the first to achieve something, or sometimes because they knew how to be in the right place at the right time.

In any case, experts have a clear advantage and one of the objectives of content marketing for companies is to position a brand or a person as an expert in their field.

For many companies it is not an easy path, because the competition is tough, because they have been late or simply because they do not want to bet all that it takes to get there. However, there are others that despite arriving later than their competitors, having tough competition, have managed to position themselves at the top of the pyramid.

Buffer has a free part and a paid part, and offers a simple and easy solution to schedule tweets, with the advantage of being able to schedule them at the best time according to your particular audience. They have grown a lot since their beginnings, but without a doubt, they have managed to position themselves as one of the benchmark companies in the sector, mainly thanks to a very well-developed content marketing strategy. Despite being an industry where applications continue to appear continuously, Buffer and its founders have managed to position the brand as a benchmark. The content strategy followed has been based mainly on developing his blog and writing a large number of guest posts on benchmark blogs in the sector or that attract potential clients.


It is much easier to transform your business, give it a new vision and take risks if you are someone credible, who knows what he is talking about. Many companies use data, graphs, and charts to support a credible argument. It does not matter the sector in which you work, without a doubt, providing some information will help you give credibility to your explanation, your posts or presentations, and will reinforce your personal image.


A good after-sales service is the key to achieving a good online reputation. If you are also able to respond quickly, both to demands, claims or questions, your brand image will grow like foam.

Few things piss off a customer more than customer service and few actions build loyalty more than a good response to a problem or a user demand. Unfortunately, it is usually something that is not taken care of too much, but that should be included in the annual objectives of any company.

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