7 Proven Tricks to Get Attention and Attract Customers

If you have a website or are thinking of setting it up to get some economic benefit from it, you are in luck. Today I am going to talk to you precisely about the best tricks to attract attention and attract customers to your website .

Interestingly, when we talk about attracting customers we have to go one step further, since it is not just about mere visitors, what we want to achieve is that they arrive, stay and consume, and for this we have to capture their interest .

First of all, you have to plan and think of a strategy for your website. If not, you won’t be able to attract even the most curious, who navigate to the third or fourth page on Google… and there aren’t many of those.

The first step is easy. Not simple of easy, if not that it falls under its own weight. Do you want to be online? perfect… for what?

Define your Strategy. why do you want to be on the internet

The first step, without a doubt, is to consider the theme of your website or blog . It must be a topic that you are passionate about.

For example, in Scrollthenews we have it clear. Ours is to help Companies and Startups to innovate on the Internet . To do this, we then use a lot of tools, such as lean startup , content marketing , design thinking  and many more, but the important thing is that we are clear about who our clients are and why we do what we do.

First think about the what and then you will see the how. You must ask yourself what you want to do and around that what, everything else will revolve. The content, your product, your service, your contribution or your teaching. That what main, will be the main keyword of the site in terms of SEO .

Once you have got between eyebrows and eyebrows the center of the target, you have to throw the darts on other key aspects that lead you to it.

Content is something that will be essential to achieve your goals. Google needs content to position your website and for this reason, a blog is a key piece to achieve that positioning and fundamental for the permanence of users. Those users who are looking for information are the ones who can ultimately become customers later, as they move through our conversion funnel .

Now that you are clear about the fundamental points of planning, the bases to carry it out and put it into practice and the objectives to be achieved with all this, I am going to talk to you about the tricks you need to get your fair reward for all this work and the one ahead of you.

Conversions are in our sights, but in the same way that in a physical store you cannot consume without entering, something similar happens here: you need to attract customers to enter your website .

7 method that Work to Attract Customers to your Website

method 1 – SEO is your friend, use it

The fastest, easiest and most well-known way to reach a website is through search engines. The user searching for something enters a search term, for example: “lean startup internet projects” and what we have to achieve is that our website appears as high as possible.

This is what you are looking for with blog content. An organic ranking for a bunch of related terms. When a company or startup is looking for lean startup advice to launch their project on the internet, they will most likely click on the first, second or third term and little else. To achieve this, you should also implement SEO strategies -both On Page and Off Page- on your own or with the help of an expert .

Positioning yourself among the search engines implies that you invest effort in the content , in the images, in the links, in the videos, in the web map, in usability, in design, in a responsive web that adapts to all devices. , in the loading speed, in the structure and in endless aspects that could take you to the top, so take advantage of them.

method 2 –  Show interesting, simple and pleasant content

Try to make entering your website a real pleasure for the user. I explain myself by repeating the example of physical stores: if you need to buy anything and you find two stores with the same products and the same prices, but one of them is clean and tidy and the other is a mess, where do you consume?

It’s clear. Therefore, based on the fact that on the Internet you will not be the only one who does the same as you, you must differentiate yourself, provide the highest quality information, the easiest way and, ultimately, be the one who does it best.

Remember that at the moment in which we live there is a high density of information, so yours must be of quality, quick to read, easy to understand and, of course, interesting, that hooks the reader .

Lean on audiovisual content and use other elements that speed up reading, such as spaces between paragraphs, bold, etc… and use original content, without spelling mistakes and with a wording that borders on perfection, because otherwise there will always be pages better than yours, and that’s something we don’t want.

method 3 –  Complement your website with a blog

Implementing a blog on your website is a key point to achieve positioning, brand recognition and differentiation.

What I want to tell you with this is that you have to generate some content that has to do with your product or service, but that has something of a life of its own. If you sell electrical appliances -for example-, you can talk about “how to clean a refrigerator” or “what are the causes and consequences of the most common faults in washing machines” or the “X keys to maintain your fridge tidy and clean.

I am referring to the creation of content that adds value to the user, that solves a problem or need.

How does this benefit you?

You will attract users interested in any of the topics that appear in your posts to your website, who will end up browsing your website and seeing the product or service you sell.

In addition, in the mind of the reader you will be positioning yourself as someone of reference in the sector because you offer quality information and solve their problems. Who do you think they will go to when they want to buy what you sell?

method 4 –  Offer a reward to your users

Everyone knows it: no one gives hard to four pesetas, but sooner or later we all like someone to give us something that also gives us value. You can offer quality information in different formats…

How about an eBook, infographic or template that you have carefully prepared for the occasion?

Offering it in exchange for subscriptions, which in the future can lead to conversions, is not bad at all, right? You can even give away any service just for having reached your website: a brief consultancy, a short course, discount codes on related services or your own, or the free download of some software. All these are ideas that you can implement on your website depending on the sector and type of clients you deal with and what they value the most.

method 5 –  Leverage subscriptions with a great h2 email marketing strategy

Email marketing has come just in time: we just got subscribers by offering them something in return, now what?

Now is the time to take care of them .

But having an email database does not give you the right to spam. Emails are a way to interact with your users, to offer new quality content, training, advice, products or services, but always seeking to add value. That is, you send an offer because you think it is interesting for your subscribers, you send content for the same reason, etc.

To do this, we have requested the email in exchange for content, the user has confirmed (double opt in) that they actually want to receive your emails and the process begins there. Always leaving the exit door free, so that the user can leave your mailing list at any time and not receive any more mails.

Buying databases or any other way to “get” emails without authorization will end up giving you problems and even your account being classified as Spam.

But doing it correctly puts you much further from spam than you think, because they have been the ones who wanted to be part of your mailing list.

Now all you have to do is offer them content that interests them, treat them personally and always offer them what you think they need. If you manage to do this, you have a brutal way of attracting your website, and that, for sure, you will notice in the conversions.

method 6 –  Give rise to interactivity

If there is something on which the Internet is based, it is interactivity, which everyone likes because it makes us feel free when it comes to giving our opinion, approving or criticizing anything, knowing that there are serious possibilities that we will be heard.

Those known as call to action are a great idea in this regard .

Some good examples of these are contests and sweepstakes, live interactive courses, and of course simple blog comments . The simple fact of having a voice and vote, not only makes visitors feel comfortable, but also helps you to take good note of your positive aspects to enhance them, and the negative ones to channel them.

Method 7 –  Prepare a killer strategy on your social networks

That social networks are man’s new best friend is something that we all know very well by now. But in order to take advantage of them you will have to carry out a well thought out strategy. It is not worth posting a tweet here and a post on Facebook from time to time. The strategy in Social Networks is part of your funnel, whether you like it or not, for 70% of current businesses and 100% of Internet businesses.

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