12 Benefits of having a Business Blog

I can think of many reasons why you should have a business blog  as soon as possible. But showing you some numbers seemed like the best way to start this post.

Here are some percentages that will at least make you think:

  • 61% of consumers have made a purchase based on a post they have read.
  • 60% of consumers have a positive feeling towards a company after reading their blog.
  • 70% of consumers discover a company through its corporate blog instead of its ads.

Do you need more arguments? So here are a few more…

Reasons to create a Business blog

1.- Creating a Blog Helps you establish your brand in the market

I think the three points above have a lot to do with establishing your brand in the market and attracting customers who really need you. Establishing a brand in the market requires time and above all a lot of work. But if you have a business blog, as we will see in point 4, it is a commercial that works for you, every hour of the year, Sundays and holidays included.

Not bad, right?

Having a blog allows you to contribute relevant content in your sector. But surely you are wondering, what am I going to talk about? What do I write if, for example, I make screws? what’s so interesting about that?

In the first place, if you work in a specific sector, you will surely know much more than the average number of people and clients who work in that sector. If not, either you have just started or maybe you should consider what you are doing there…

Sometimes, as in the case of screws, we may think that they have nothing interesting to tell about in your professional blog. The truth is that if your company sells screws, you will surely go to fairs, some interesting construction, device or technology carries your product, you will know about materials, steels, alloys, you will find curious cases of the use of screws… Anyway, I can think of a lot of things that I could write about in your company’s blog, if that were the case.

Providing information of this type will make your clients see you as a benchmark in the sector. In addition to providing good screws, you have interesting things, you expand their knowledge and above all, you generate a brand image in their heads.

When they have to buy more screws, who will they go to?…

2.- The content of a corporate blog is not invasive

Have you ever talked to one of those people who invade your living space?

Those people who stick to your face to have a conversation? exhausting right?

The same goes for traditional, ad-based advertising. They almost always invade your space. When you are watching a movie on TV, listening to a radio program or reading a website… suddenly, in the most interesting thing, the ad.

With a blog the opposite happens. It is the user, client or future client who enters Google, writes what he wants to find and if we have done a good SEO job , one of our posts will be well positioned for those keywords .

It is curious that after the ads (yellow boxes), it is a post from a professional blog that appears in first position, ahead of ASTM (an international standards body) and Wikipedia. And a large manufacturer and distributor like Hilti appears in sixth position.Now imagine that for your company you identify a few relevant terms ( keywords ) for which you would like your company to appear well positioned.

Starting to write articles on your company blog is the best way to rank for those keywords.

3.- A Business Blog helps you attract traffic to your website

Raise your hand who wants to attract more visitors to their website… you too?


If you were Google, who would you position better?

  • To a business website that is a static page
  • To a website that has a blog and updates it frequently with quality content for its sector?

As you can see, it is not necessary to know the Google algorithm to know it. Then…

Why are most companies without a blog surprised that their website is not well positioned?

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As you know, organic traffic is, as a general rule, the main source of traffic to your website. There are all kinds of websites, but I show you two real cases of companies we work with so you can see that even in case 2, where organic traffic is lower, it is still the main source.

And as you also know, the traffic that enters your website being on the first page or on the second is very different and of course it is also very different if you are in position 1 or position 7, even if you are on the first page.

4.- It allows you to convert that traffic into leads

Imagine that you have a lot of traffic. 100,000 unique users per month who come to your website, read your content and leave… what a success, right?

The truth is that not so much, no…

For the thing to work, it is necessary that the visits are transformed into leads, which is the next step in the conversion funnel.

Lead: It is a person who has given you their contact information through a web form.

5.- A Corporate blog works for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Can you imagine a commercial that works for you 24 hours a day, that is always there to tell you what you know how to do and that never gets sick?

That’s what a business blog does for your company. Once you have several well-positioned posts, they continue to send traffic to your website. From time to time, it is good to review them, make some improvements, re-edit them, and they come back with energy to attract more visits.

6.- Blogging is much cheaper than traditional advertising

Without a doubt, a content marketing strategy is cheaper and more effective than traditional advertising. According to a study by The Content Council : “68% of CMOs say they are shifting a large portion of their budgets from traditional marketing to content marketing.”

A good content strategy also reinforces the brand image in a different way than traditional advertising does, as I mentioned in point 2.

7.- A Blog allows you to experiment

Experimentation. What do you want me to tell you, experimenting on the Internet is wonderful because everything or almost everything can be measured.

The most typical is an A/B test of your landing page to download an infographic, a tutorial or an ebook. With Unbounce for example, it is very easy to implement.

Basically, the A/B test allows you to put two websites online that differ in one thing. For example, 50% of the traffic is derived to landing A and the other 50% of the traffic to landing B. It is as simple as seeing which one converts better.

8.- Improve the global positioning of your website

Many times when we write in a company blog, we are not aware of the extent to which frequently writing interesting content improves the global positioning of your website.

To give you an idea, it is very good that Google crawls your page frequently, because that means that you update it and therefore, Google is aware of it.

Now think of a traditional website with the typical menu: Who we are, what we do, contact, products, courses or whatever you sell and little else.

How often do you update your contact page, your home or who we are page?

Rarely. If Google passes once, sees that nothing has changed, passes another and sees that neither, it will take longer to return because it rightly thinks that it is a page that does not move.

Having a high number of pages crawled per day is very good, because it tells Google that your page is updated, changes, offers different content and therefore, it is a web page that is worth positioning well. How did you get it?

You guessed right! With your corporate blog…

Being well positioned guarantees traffic, that traffic can be converted into leads and those leads into future customers… you’re interested, right?

9.- Blog comments allow you to interact with your customers

A very good way to know what content is most attractive to your visitors is to see the number of comments that a certain post has obtained. It is a key factor to measure the engagement of your blog.

It is also normal that at the beginning you do not have comments; because the traffic to your corporate blog is still small, because you are in a sector where users are not proactive or are not used to commenting or simply because you need to encourage your audience to comment a bit.

10.- It helps you grow your network of contacts

You’ve heard the word networking , right?

Maybe you’re sick or tired of hearing it… or maybe not. But the truth is that it is a word that has been burned ad nauseam and hearing it is synonymous with: “let’s see how many are going to try to sell me the motorcycle today and how many am I going to try to sell mine to”

It shouldn’t be like that, but it often happens.

The same thing happens on the Internet. It is easy to see how companies try to sell their products on their websites. But those who have a blog, create in us a different perception. From the outset they offer us knowledge, case studies, examples or tutorials in the articles of their company blogs.

That’s already a point.

On the other hand, if you leave a comment, or share an article, it is very possible that the company or the blogger will thank you. You are already establishing another bond.

Two points.

And if things prosper, it is possible that an interesting relationship will even be established, beyond that of user and company, or view and blogger. Sometimes it is even possible to go much further.

Exactly the same, as in offline life. Through the Internet it is possible to grow your network of quality contacts, beyond trying to sell them something.

11.- Creating a blog is simple and very easy to manage

There are countless tutorials on the Internet to create a blog. I advise you a couple of things simply:

  • Buy your own domain.
  • If you don’t have much or no idea of ​​programming, I advise you to use wordpress. It is very simple to configure, publish and manage. I would not choose a free blog, because if you want to change it in the future, it can give you more than one headache.
  • Think about what kind of blog you want to do, on what topic, what kind of users or clients do you direct it to… because it is interesting that you consider how far it can go.
  • Think about usability and design from the start . You should provide quality content and also make it attractive to users.

From there, it would be a matter of working on it, shaping it and starting to create content.

12.- Blog posts give rise to interacting on Social Networks

Interaction on social networks, and especially, depending on the sector you work in, can be a great way to interact with your customers. We have already seen in the graph of point 3, that there are platforms whose main source of traffic is organic, but have a large number of visits due to traffic from social networks.

In addition to the traffic you can attract, it is essential to be able to share, comment and encourage your visitors to interact with your website, giving them the option to share, comment and create a much stronger link.

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