business intelligence for decision making

If you want to know what alternatives you have to make important decisions with real and current data in the company, in this blog I share 5 tools for business intelligence.

In the current world of work, it is about anticipating and predicting the behavior of your clients or potential consumers in order to improve decision-making and company results.

There is a wide range of tools on the market that allow you to transform a large amount of data into knowledge that is useful for making strategic decisions for the company.

But before we talk about the tools, let’s talk a bit about what business intelligence is and why it’s important.

Business intelligence

Business intelligence is a set of strategies that arise from the information generated by tools.

These aim to analyze a large amount of data that gives the business the opportunity to make decisions with real data.

The objective of using business intelligence is that the company can offer a better service and manage to position itself above its competitors by improving productivity and operation.

I will clarify it with an example, if we were talking about a restaurant, business intelligence tools can provide data such as: what is the favorite dish on the menu, how much is sold daily, what time is it sold more and how long the customer waits. client.

With this data retrieved through the tool and presented in a business report by a business intelligence analyst, the company can improve its customer service, keep what is necessary in inventory and organize its employees to offer better service and cost.

There are a variety of tools that businesses can use to transform data into information that can be stored, managed, and used to optimize the business.

Business intelligence tools can be categorized according to the area of ​​the industry where they are going to be used and the number of users (individual, small company or organization)

Below you will find some of the most used, although it is by no means an exhaustive list of the offer that exists.

Analysts and business intelligence professionals can use Power BI to generate visual and personalized reports based on the analytical data of the company’s behavior.

You can analyze and explore data in the cloud, collaborate and share interactive reports and interface, and analyze data and metrics to optimize your business.

Power BI can be used for sales, marketing, operations, finance, and the technology team.

It offers a desktop service and a cloud service. It is updated every month with new features and functions.

This tool has great potential and best of all, there are online courses with which you can learn to use it and develop and implement Business Intelligence solutions, such as the course: Business Intelligence Toolstaught by GalileoX on the edX platform, which will teach you its use in a practical way.

Allow everyone in your organization to see and understand the data.

It helps you prepare data for analysis and collaboration. Tableau offers the possibility of using them for companies or for individuals offering analytics in the cloud and on the desktop.

Tableau online is ready out of the box and users can easily be added.

You can customize what you see on the dashboard and filter the information wherever you are.

Tableau is easy to integrate with other popular applications and systems.

You can also receive dashboard updates to your email and subscribe the people you want to receive the information to the service.

It offers you excellent technical support and customer service.

You can create great reports and dashboards that can be easily shared with others. It is also possible to program change alerts that allow important decisions to be made for the company.

You can explore, analyze and share user data with it.

Use drag and drop to create dashboards on desktop or mobile.
It does not have an offline mode and can be a bit tricky to install and maintain.

With a glance at the app’s analytic dashboards, the user can get an immediate picture of their business.

Oracle BI has excellent visual analytics that can be generated and viewed on the go without the need for programming knowledge.

The support of the technological department is required for its installation, use and maintenance.

A good tool to combine all your data and analyze it for anyone who needs to explore it.

Its popularity has increased thanks to the ease of learning how to use it.

You can access, combine, and upload data from where it originates.

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