How to improve the reputation of your online business

When we talk about the reputation of an online business , at the end of the day we are talking about the same reputation of a lifetime, the one that physical businesses have also reaped, for better or for worse, and continue to do so. However, the differences when it comes to earning a living through the Internet are obvious and obvious, even more so at this point than who else who least knows how this world works.

In any case, what we are all clear about is that the reputation of a company is essential for its proper functioning and even for its existence.

That is why I have been thinking about writing this article for a long time, where I am going to talk to you in detail about this phenomenon, explaining the differences between physical businesses and those that work online, pointing out the importance of social networks in the matter and giving you some keys to to improve.

In addition, I have compiled a series of examples and real cases that could serve as a mirror in which to look at yourself or the opposite, everything will depend on the tactics you choose to conquer the public.

And that is your ultimate goal, that your target has a pristine image of your company and is proud to be your customer. How do we do it?

Let’s not wait any longer, time is short and that on the Internet is as important as reputation!

The importance of reputation in an online business

I told you that the reputation of an online business is still the same as it has always existed for physical companies, but this similarity appears only if we look at the meaning of the word. When it comes to talking about its operation, its impact or its causes and consequences, both positively and negatively, the differences are abysmal.

And it is that on the Internet the news flies . Everything runs like wildfire and in a matter of minutes you can change the future of any company: today you are here and tomorrow there, at the speed of light. A lot of blame for this type of process, if not all, is found in social networks. The reason is that from experience, if they are managed well, they can be a perfect weapon to improve the reputation of a business.

In any case, if you have an online business or have considered setting it up, believe me: the reputation you gain on the Internet will be essential for its smooth running.

Today, both the followers and the so-called “haters” can unleash authentic pitched battles defending or attacking virtually any person or any business; and this is where the game of reputation comes in, which in the end, except for masterful plays -and very dirty, it must be said- of the competition, generally depends on oneself and how one acts.

The role of social networks in the reputation of your business

Although most of the reputation of an online business derives from its attitudes, its ways of operating or specific actions at specific times -which sometimes have more results than years of work-, social networks are the loudspeaker that gives rise to the image that the public has of your company. And it is evident that they are a speaker with many decibels, so many that sometimes it is impossible to control them.

In addition to the loudspeaker of business and its respective target, they are also, in themselves, a perfect weapon to generate or modify the image of any company . But beware, sometimes it is also a double-edged sword where you can prepare a magnificent coup and end up screwing up, or on the contrary: “fuck it” and get out of the mess in question, leaving your reputation well above what that was before the problem.

The crux of the matter is in a balanced management of your accounts on the networks, an optimal relationship with users and a constant resolution of any issue that may arise in the day to day of the  community managers . However, before going further with some examples, I will give you some more keys to maintain a high reputation on the Internet.

Keys to improve the online reputation of your business

The keys that you have to take into account when improving the online reputation of your business can help you in its beginnings, in the management of any crisis -perhaps the most common, and that well managed can be a boon in your favor; )- or in a necessary escalation for any company. Be that as it may, I am sure that many of these suggestions, if not all, will be useful to you in the day to day of your online business.

Know the status of your reputation at all times

So that your reputation is always shiny, you should monitor it almost constantly. Search the name of your company on Google and on the networks privately -to prevent cookies from directing you at will-, and find out what’s going on on the web when you type the name of your brand or business, it may help you! take some other surprise!

What is left after this? Whether the results you obtain are positive or not, continuing to work on your reputation -or start doing it NOW- will be essential for the future of your company. How do we do it?

Become an expert in your field

Users need information and, now more than ever with the competition that exists in all sectors, you better give it to them. It will not be complicated for you, with a little effort it will be enough: nobody knows your product better than you -or at least it should be- and you only have to offer sincere and clear information about it.

A blog to talk at length and highlight the virtues of your brand , and your accounts on social networks will be enough to give air to the reputation of your business and position it on the Internet wonderfully.

Show closeness to your customers

Speak to the client face to face, with closeness and familiarity. Keep in mind that many of your followers will be true fans of your product, and what you need is to take care of them and get many others to join the cause. And that is not something that is achieved based on technicalities or with a cold relationship.

Make everyone understand you and be interested in following you.

Be decisive

You will see it in several of the examples that I propose at the end of the post, any company worth its salt should have a crisis cabinet dedicated exclusively to the powder kegs that may appear on social networks.

As this would be too expensive, it is best to be prepared to act when necessary. I have already told you, at any moment a storm can be unleashed against your business, either due to your mistake -it is the most common-, due to a misunderstanding or due to a crossing of planets.

The fact is that it can happen, and sometimes it can even help you to take advantage of the situation and improve your reputation with a knock-on effect . To pull imagination has been said.

Get your brand talked about

Generating conversations around your brand is something positive in all aspects, yes, make sure that they are positive interactions. In this way, you will achieve that more people identify with your brand, that new users get to know it and get closer to it, and that the image and reputation of your business go up like foam.

Create fun Hashtags, contests and even stories, but make it all about your brand and let the community do the rest!

Use Storytelling

And speaking of stories… have you ever tried pulling the famous Storytelling ?

Making up stories doesn’t have to be bad, on the contrary, you just have to know how to do it. In the first place, if you realize, the marketing of a lifetime has been dedicated to that, to creating stories around a product or brand that amaze the target. Now the public has become more demanding and you are going to have to work hard, but appealing to emotions or laughter, you have half a point guaranteed.

Try it and tell me ;).

You can take advantage of the fame of others in RRSS

Do not hesitate to jump on the bandwagon when a conversation works on social networks, do it with a view so as not to look bad, of course, but take advantage of the occasion as if it were the last.

Do not forget that these platforms are designed for interaction, so it is not a bad thing to interact with other users talking about the trending topic, whatever it may be, as long as you do it in the right way.

This will give you visibility and will make your reputation among users continue to rise .

Segment your audience

To keep your image in perfect condition, it is inevitable that you know how to address your followers, and this is something that is not always easy, to the extent that your audience is very broad and may also be very varied.

Now, this is something to keep in mind when issuing each and every one of the messages that you want to offer as a business or as a brand: you cannot address all your audience in the same tone. Segment and you will succeed .

Be transparent and consistent

If there is something that conquers users, it is transparency and sincerity, regardless of the situation. With this I do not mean that you get into a mess pouring out opinions that no one has asked you for; I mean rather that you are sincere in the issues that concern your business, or rather, that you are in terms of your appearances on social networks. Especially when you make a mistake, since solving it transparently can give you a lot of points.

On the other hand, being consistent in all your messages and respecting the values ​​that you intend to convey as a company will be something that will also favor you in the eyes of your followers. Conclusion? Take accounts to see why your reputation is already in the cloud.

Take care of your image

Along with everything we are saying, it is essential that you show your audience a well-cared image . Monitor any aspect that has to do with it and make it look perfect in their eyes and, of course, that it is also consistent with what you want to convey as a company.

Do not neglect social actions

The last of the keys that I give you has to do with the attitudes and actions that are made known in the networks or in the media about your business -or that you yourself make known-. I have already told you about the importance of emotions for the public, and the social contributions that your business can make to the world will always be welcome.

It is not about carrying out great works -which are not too many-, but about generating stories and news about your company -in this case real- that make the reader smile or shed tears. Show yourself empathetic and human from your business .

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