8 Characteristics That Business Leaders Have

Despite advances in gender equality in recent times, so only 4% of women hold a position of executive directors in the list of Fortune 500 companies. Therefore we can say that there is still a long way to go.

This does not mean that there are not successful women business leaders, who do not allow this underrepresentation of their gender to prevent them from participating in the business world.

you’re probably wondering what characteristics do these business leaders have in common.

These are not magical managerial skills, but they have worked hard to achieve distinctive capabilities.

But let’s start by defining Leadership

Definition of Leadership

According to Wikipedia: it is the set of managerial or directive skills that an individual has to influence the way of being or acting of people or in a certain work group, making this team work enthusiastically towards the achievement of their goals and objectives.

Distinctive Characteristics of Female Business Leaders

#1 They have a positive attitude

These women are not intimidated by circumstances or their surroundings. Their positive attitude is the fuel that drives them from the conception of an idea to its realization. To maintain this attitude requires a conscious effort.

They must replace negative thoughts and doubts with a proactive and positive attitude. To achieve this, they monitor their internal dialogue and focus on constructive comments regarding their lives and their decisions.

They also surround themselves in the company and in their lives with people who support them, who inspire them and who believe in their abilities.

#2 They can overcome obstacles

They have incredible inner strength and are able to use adversity to their advantage. Character is not developed in a quiet and simple life. This arises as many obstacles are overcome.

Women who are successful entrepreneurs discover solutions to problems that have caused others to fail. They do not give up in their attempt until they achieve their objectives in the company.

#3 They have a strong character

This does not mean that these women are rude or conceited. They display their confidence and have the ability to convey their confidence to their subordinates. They have a healthy image of themselves and take responsibility for their decisions.

Therefore, this helps them in the field of business, where it is often necessary to make decisions and take on responsibilities that many do not dare to carry out.

#4 They seek to increase their knowledge

These women are not afraid to ask questions, which inspires them to embrace new ideas and ideals. They are very curious and constantly seek to overcome their difficulties with new knowledge and the support of the right people.

They don’t rest on their laurels when it comes to running their business. They know that they have to work hard and constantly learn. This is essential in a business environment where it is necessary to constantly renew oneself in order to be successful in an increasingly competitive and changing world.

#5 They have achieved a balance in their life

These women have the ability to take care of their families, their children, their work and their business. They are capable of multitasking successfully and are highly collaborative (although they are not afraid to be very territorial when it comes to protecting their domain).

#6 They are passionate

Women who are leaders in business are passionate about what they do, as they tend to build their businesses around the things they enjoy most.

Before embarking on the adventure of running a company, they know what motivates them, believe in them and turn them into something they can be proud of. They know that to be successful they must believe in something passionately in order to make it a reality.

#7 They work hard

There are many people who are extremely intelligent, have many connections and opportunities, but the only characteristic that makes a difference is hard work.

There is no one who can reach the top without constant hard work, even if it means sacrificing free time to dedicate it to the business. That’s the recipe for success.

#8 They are persistent

Starting a business is one thing, but keeping it running and constantly innovating to stay ahead of the competition is another matter. A successful business woman never gives up and is extremely persistent. Despite the fact that she will have to overcome difficult moments, she knows what her goals are and she does not give up her efforts to achieve them.


It is important to keep in mind that you are endowed with unique greatness and that only you can open the chest that contains these basic features. If you think that you still do not have all these qualities, do not worry, you can acquire many of them if you put aside doubts and change your way of thinking.

And you, are you a business leader? What other characteristics do you think a woman needs to have to be a business leader? Please, leave us your comments below and do not forget to share this note on your social networks.

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